Vianova Van

Vianova van with 1 m3 payload

The two-seater Vianova light duty van has been developed
as a follow-on project from our H2EV fleet and is the latest model 
in our range of demonstrator hydrogen fuel cell vehicle platforms.  
This compact vehicle is ideal for peri urban environments
and last mile deliveries.  Vianova is road legal in the UK, 
under Vehicle Special Orders. 
Features: – 
Design meets Royal Mail light van specification 
Lotus built, bonded aluminium chassis 
Plug Fuel Cell 
Fuel cell range extended electric vehicle (FC REEV),
can be charged with electricity from a charge point,
and refuelled with hydrogen 
Up to 60 miles range on battery Electric 
Suitable for last mile delivery, contractors, key workers 

Vianova light van rear view


Vianova Plus

The Vianova™ Plus mid-sized van platform is aimed at deliveries and contractors servicing intercity capability with payloads up to 900kg. The vehicle demonstrates an integrated Circular Economy approach by combining key technology from the H2EV and Vianova platforms with an existing OEM donor vehicle. This design process has important advantages and utilises existing automotive supply chain components to achieve faster route to market.  

Vianova Plus mid sized van





PortaWatt – Portable or Stationary Power unit

– new product available from 2022 

Portable FC power unit

PortaWatt is zero emissions, portable fuel cell power unit fuelled by bottled hydrogen gas.  Designed to replace diesel gensets across all sectors, the robust unit has an all-weather, durable design.  The unit provides zero emissions power and can complement other forms of renewable off grid power, such as solar and wind, and battery units. 

PortaWatt is ideal for use in off grid locations or where mains power is not available and is suitable for a range of sectors using remote applications, such as leisure (festivals), agriculture, construction, and environment.  The unit is easy to use, and the system generates continuous power when connected to the bottled gas supply.   


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