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Our zero emissions, fuel cell plug hybrid vehicles all feature an aluminium chassis engineered by Lotus.  The very efficient powertrain architecture combines the power capability of a lithium-ion battery with the energy capability of a PEM fuel cell to achieve excellent vehicle performance with ultra-low energy usage.

This multi-purpose H2EV Microcab can be used as a four-seat car, a light van (as shown above) or a taxi, and the plug fuel cell, dual fuel combination means that the battery pack can be recharged for short range with hydrogen storage and fuel cell for extended range.

Typical Vehicle Specification (all vehicles available in right and left hand drive)

  • Length : 3.5 metres
  • Height : 1.7 metres
  • Width : 1.6 metres
  • Gross vehicle weight : approx 750kg
  • Chassis : Lotus bonded aluminium
  • Crash protection : Front offset impact; side impact; roof crush
  • Drive : AC brushless motor, 40kW peak
  • Main drive voltage : 72v
  • Transmission : Single speed gearbox
  • Lithium battery pack : 4.3kWh capacity
  • Fuel cell : Ballard (PEM)
  • Fuel cell power : 3.0kW or 10kW options
  • Hydrogen tank capacity : 1.8kg @ 350 bar
  • Hydrogen tank pressure : 350 bar and 700 bar options
  • Range on full tank : up to 180 miles or 290 km
  • Max speed : 55mph (88kph)
  • Car format : 2 or 4 seats
  • Van format : 2 seats, 200kg payload, 1 cubic metre volume
  • Legislation : EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval when in volume production. Hydrogen system meets EU Regulation No 79/2009

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