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ECOBULK  2017 – 2021

Circular Economy project researching harvesting of municipal waste streams to form composites for use in architecture, furniture and automotive interiors. With EU H2020 funding of 13M Euros, 27 partners and 11 countries. Project now extended to end of 2021 due to Covid. See ECOBULK


See Bringing together 3 fuel cell vehicle manufacturers and demonstrating their products in 3 regions of Europe; UK, North Germany and Brussels.  This project successfully completed in October 2018 with the Microcab fleet having covered about 45,000km and the launch of the new Vianova. This latest model from Microcab features technical and design development work from SWARM itself, as well as a range of modifications brought about through parallel grant funded, projects (InnovateUK, APC, NVN) and our commercial work with Mahle.

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