Made in the Midlands

Microcab features on Midlands Today's 'Made in the Midlands'

February 2014 Microcab featured on BBC Midlands Today as part of a quest to find out “What is still made in the Midlands?” the Microcab H2EV is sandwiched between two mighty legends of the automotive world – a Range Rover and a Jaguar convertible! Read more on the BBC Midlands Today website >>

Microcab brings hydrogen power to SMMT

December Pioneering Coventry-based SME Microcab and hydrogen fuel cell specialists Arcola have taken up a one-week residency at SMMT’s Westminster headquarters to showcase their 2013 Life Without Oil project. Starting today, the manufacturers will be exhibiting the innovative Microcab H2EV fuel cell electric car and an Arcola hydrogen fuel cell. Measuring just 3.5 metres in length, the Microcab H2EV boasts a Lotus-engineered bonded-aluminium chassis, weighing just 60kg and allowing for both passenger car and commercial vehicle body-styles. Its Arcola/Horizon fuel cell allows the vehicle to travel up to 180 miles on a single 1.8kg tank of hydrogen, which can be … Continue reading