Microcab brings hydrogen power to SMMT

Pioneering Coventry-based SME Microcab and hydrogen fuel cell specialists Arcola have taken up a one-week residency at SMMT’s Westminster headquarters to showcase their 2013 Life Without Oil project. Starting today, the manufacturers will be exhibiting the innovative Microcab H2EV fuel cell electric car and an Arcola hydrogen fuel cell.

Measuring just 3.5 metres in length, the Microcab H2EV boasts a Lotus-engineered bonded-aluminium chassis, weighing just 60kg and allowing for both passenger car and commercial vehicle body-styles. Its Arcola/Horizon fuel cell allows the vehicle to travel up to 180 miles on a single 1.8kg tank of hydrogen, which can be filled in just three minutes.


Microcab launches fuel cell powered light freight van

June 2013
Microcab unveiled its light van variant at Company Car In Action, Millbrook, June 2013. The vehicle uses the same fuel cell platform as the 4-seat car and meets the specifications set by Royal Mail for light duty vans, with 250kg payload. The vehicle is hydrogen powered and capable of up to 180 miles on one fill. Filling with hydrogen takes about 3 minutes. Microcab CEO John Jostins said, “Urban air quality needs to improve and large numbers of diesel delivery vans operate in our city centres leading to increasing levels of particulates. The Microcab light van is designed to deliver zero emissions in town where human health is at risk from poor air quality.” Microcab's light van